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  • 4 tips to make data work for your business

Views from the flipside

Many small businesses feel they simply don’t have enough time to sit down and analyse their business data and for some the volume of information can often be overwhelming. Your business’s data is becoming easier to manage and in most cases free to analyse.

Read our 4 top tips to help better manage your data activities.

1. Set data goals

Before you start analysing your data, work out what it is you want to achieve. Is it to track the amount of website conversions, to monitor your website traffic, or to get a feel for what your customers are talking about? Set yourself a couple of realistic goals and you’ll be ready to dig into your data.

2. Drill down on your website activity

Time is important and you don’t want to be spending too much of it studying website data. Sign up to Google Analytics a free platform available for all that have a website. New users to this platform should be checking their website visits and comparing the statistics week on week. You can be smart with this data by tracking your top pages and developing them further.

We recommend the below steps to get you started -

Use the Audience Overview tab, it will give you a brief insight into your overall website traffic with page views, session duration and bounce rate (users who leave after just one page).
(View Google's Audience Report Overview Video)

The Acquisition tab is perfect in helping to find out where your customers are coming from – did they find you by searching on Google? Did they view your social profiles? They could even have visited your website after reading a company email. (View Google's Acquisition Overview Video)

Behavior is another important section which will display your most popular pages and basic user behavior – how long a user has spent on that page, etc. (View Google's Behavior Overview Video)

As you become more confident you can move to tracking your conversions and evaluate visitor journeys further –to do this there are plenty of guides you can follow on the Internet.

3. Do you have customers? Get social!

Your bread and butter platforms should be Facebook and Twitter and if you have a physical product use Instagram. For you B2B readers add LinkedIn to this list as future business relationships belong here. If time is precious you may want to add a social scheduler, we use Facebook’s own page management and Buffer. To track social data you’ll need to determine what you want to measure, this could be engagement, likes, shares or impressions. Social is mainly used for brand awareness, but you can do business through it too!

Engagement – users who have interacted with your posts

Likes – when people have liked your posts

Shares – whenever a user has shared your posts with their friends/followers or connections.

Impressions – the amount of people who have seen your post on their timeline

To track these social interactions, simply go to the analytics tabs on each social platform. We would recommend exporting 3 months of data, where you can sort by what is most relevant to your business. You’ll then have a list of your top posts – use this data and do more of those posts! Let us know how you get on!

4. Test and act on your data

Your website data and analytic work is an on-going process and will constantly evolve. If something isn’t working, make changes - you can make a big difference with some very small and simple alterations. Your customer is at the heart of the business so make sure you’re making your social and website work for your customer.

These tips are just some suggestions on how your business can make the most of the data available - we aren’t an agency, but we practice these things within our own business.

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Views from the flipside

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