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  • 5 reasons why your small business should use the cloud

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Views from the flipside


Cloud computing enables users to remotely access servers online to store, manage and process data, instead of using servers on their own premises. It can provide opportunities to make running your business cheaper, easier and can even allow more flexibility with your working schedule.

You may already use elements of the cloud without realising; services such as Email, Social Media and online storage are some areas the cloud can cover.

Here are five reasons why every small business should consider moving to the cloud:

1. It’s inexpensive
The most beneficial feature is the reduction of costs for your small business. Maintaining servers that store data can be expensive and might need IT specialists to provide on-site support. However, with the cloud costs are dramatically reduced and maintained by expert providers.

2. Access to information 24/7
All of your files will be stored online; therefore you can access them whenever and wherever you want. This also gives you the chance to work outside of the office.

3. Adapts to your business needs
The cloud allows you to buy what you need, when you need it, making it quick and easy to adapt to your business’ needs. If you are a start-up business that requires a small amount of cloud storage the cost will be small, or even free. However, when your business grows you can easily acquire more storage to suit the new requirements.

4. Encourages collaboration
Cloud computing provides you with the ability to collaborate with other partners and employees on projects and files. You can all work on one project at once through the file-sharing feature. Your files will be available to all employees’ and the cloud can even enable you to restrict access to some files through passwords and codes, keeping those confidential files restricted. Storing files in the cloud also means you don’t have to worry about backing files up or losing important documents.

And most importantly…

5. It keeps your data safe and secure
One common worry of using the cloud is the lack of security. Large companies such as Google, Microsoft and Amazon are examples of businesses that entrust their security to cloud systems and this should give peace of mind to users.

Security features include: high levels of data encryption and the use of authentication – unique passwords and usernames.

Each cloud service provider will have their own security features – it is recommended that you read their terms and conditions to establish the measures they take.

Top Tip: Always make sure you use a secure password and do not re-use others you use online!

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Views from the flipside

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